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DD Tank Cheat Engine Download - Damage Hack, Coin and more

DD Tank Game

On this post is where I will feature how to apply and use the cheat engine for DD Tank so that you can achieve great results for damage using the hack. You can also get coin out of this technique but hopefully, those who cannot use it, you will have to try to add www. or try the download here. There is also a guide on the new version of the engine. Just read along for help in this forum. You may also download the old version if you like.

Here is another resource for your help topics on how to do the cheats and use the engine to take advantage and advance in your play from coins to weaponry - http://www.mediafire.com/?amdgyzmooqw . That is the download link in Mediafire.

To be able to level up to lv 5 weapon to +12 in two days, you can try to visit a link. You will also need to have the Microsoft.Net Framework in order for the cheat engeine to work. Watch the video below.


Backyard Monsters Error / failure to initialize "oops something broke"

How To Remove Error "oooops something broke"
Now, this is a very common encounter for those regular and not so regular players of Backyard Monsters (BYM). It's bee there for quite some time now so I wanted to shed a little light to those who encounter this game error "oops something broke" warning sign.

Error says it that this message appears whenever you are having problems either on the speed of your internet (slow) connection, having your account signed in to 2 different places or computers at the same time and the computer memory is running out so the speed of loading time is getting too slow.

Another fact which is directly from regular players is that this error happens when you try to collect your shiny rewards via quest.

Possible Remedy / Solutions:

Be sure that you have a higher internet memory or upgrade your PC. Second remedy could be to reset your internet connection or be sure to play when the server is not so full of players meaning, the time you open your account with Backyard Monsters is the time when very few are expected to play. The third remedy / solution you could employ is to make sure your account is not open elsewhere or you should not trust your account with anybody else. (Hacking of your account could also lead to this error message).

The last resort tip I could give you is to try using Google Chrome when you load the game itself. A faster browser could lead to fix this problem but this is a rare case which many have also found effective in wanting to collect rewards without getting in trouble of having an error message "oooops something broke". Good luck!


Cheats Backyard Monsters 2012 Download, Tools ( How To Apply) Shiny Pebbles and Twig

Backyard Monster Ultimate New Cheats 2012
We have already posted a quick guide on how to administer or apply Backyard Monsters cheats (codes) here last year 2011 December. Now here is our update to the hacks and cheats we've featured before the year ends. It's time for the Backyard Monsters 2012 cheats updated version. We've found the guide and all you have to do is to follow the step by step process in order to level up in your pebbles and twig cheat and more.


Mafia Wars cheat december 2011

Mafia Wars cheat new December 2011

We give you the link of new hack and cheat of this game, you can found mafia wars guide from other section just search on the label navigation.

Download here <-- Mafia wars gold cheat

Here's the link tutorial watch this from dailymotions


Diamond Dash cheat december 2011

Diamond Dash Game Cheats Guide
Diamond Dash cheat new December 2011

Watch the video tutorial how to. don't worry about the language just follow the few steps for you to make it

Download Here Cheat Engine: http://adf.ly/EsYP
Hacks on Facebook: http://cheating-games.blogspot.com for more information


Empires and Allies Cheat december 2011

Empires & Allies Cheats Galore
Empires and Allies Cheat new december 2011

 wanna ahead of the game?
try this new cheat updated last day.

 Heres how to watch the video

http://is.gd/ywQjOV <-- the website
http://fileme.us/12F9684 <-- download the cheats


CastleVille Cheats December 2011

Castleville Game Cheats
CastleVille Cheats new december 2011

from the rank 5th placer now.
try this new cheat and hack where you can cheat your coins, cash, reputation, unlimited energy, auto, and free gifts.

Here's the Link
Download Here -- TOOLs to use for cheats and hack
Download Here -- Link where you can find resources

Enjoy Cheating! :)


Texas Holdem Poker new cheat 2011

Texas Hold Em Poker
Texas Holdem Poker updated cheat December 2011

4th placer on the rank try new hacks and cheats, enjoy setting the number of your chip

Heres the link

Download Here

How to Use

step 1

 Extract the Facebook Poker Hack via unrar utility
step 2
 Run the Facebook Poker Hack 2010 ( Texas Holdem Chips Adder )
step 3
Enter you Facebook username
step 4
 And then add chips.

watch this


Farmville cheats new 2011-2012

Farmville Game
Cheats unlimited coins and cash

I know it sounds old but Farmville by Zynga climbs up to second place this December 2011 by survey
from blog.games.com and replaced The sims social.

Well I research for new hacks for you guys.

I found this from youtube try this new hacks, you can hack game coins and cash legit.
by the way here's the link and visual aid for you to do easily.

Dowload Here <-- new hacks 2011-2011 for farmville

Here's the tutorial how good luck.


CityVille Updated Hacks, Cheats, Bots and Exploit


Hi gamers! Cityville is an most exciting game that leads players to cheat to fulfill their satisfaction and for easy clicks in game like on farmville bots. When you're looking for any cheats, hacks, bots on cityville (facebook game). YOU'VE COME TO THE RIGHT SITE

CITYVILLE cheats, Hacks, and Strategy

1. UNLIMITED ENERGY cheat on cityville.

energy allows you to make moves on game, build, help, cut trees. etc.
try a link: unlimited energy on cityville

2. UNLIMITED COINS cheat on cityville.
you can buy everything
try a link: unlimited coins on cityville

3. BOTS while you asleep
still working on your town while you're away from keyboard
download here: cityville bots

what are bots?
Automatic visit to neighbors – you will get reputation and cash by visiting all your neighbors automatically and helping them out
Increases you reputation – No need for visiting all your neighbors everyday anymore.
Automatic collection of rewards – all rewards will be collected including coins, stars and collections
Collect only best rewards – when you, (pardon bot) is in visit to your CityVille neighbors it will choose only to collect best ones available
Completely Undetectable – The Cityville Bot pretendts to function like a human so there is no possibility to raise any red flags and for bot to be noticed


Lucent Heart PH Cheats, Hacks, Bots and Exploits

not yet available


The Sims Cheats Updated

The Sims Social Facebook Cheats

The Sims Social Speed Hack*

Cheat Engine v6.1
Mozilla Firefox
Sims Social Facebook account

1. Open Cheat Engine v6.1 and your Sims Social account;
2. Click on the computer icon on the Cheat Engine and find Firefox.exe. On the Cheat Engine, go to the icon which looks like a computer with a magnifying glass (upper left portion) and open it. Select "plugin.container.exe" and enable Speed Hack;
3. Click and select your desired "speed". A "speed" of 10 may cause errors on your Sims Social screen;
4. Go back to your Facebook Sims Social account window and start your game. Now you have lots of energy.

*Credits to polak123


Backyard Monsters Latest Cheat Updated 12/4/2011

Google Image

Backyard Monster Shiny, Pebbles, Twig Cheat Pro
The only working Cheat Engine, tried and tested by thousands around the world.
1.Download the File at:CLICK HERE
2.Run the exe. file
3.Type in your Facebook Account Email, it is where to distribute the resources.
4.Enter the desired value of resources and hit generate.
5.Log in to your Facebook Account and play the game.
All resources are distributed to your account. Enjoy!

Credits from Gamezebo


Pokemon 3d Pc Game Free Download

Pokemon 3D Pop Outs
Download free pokemon 3d pc games here

Direct 3d

Download Pokemon 3d pc game
1.Pokemon Game Link 1
2.Pokemon Game Link 2

Enjoy Your Pokemon PC 3d game! :)


Pokemon Guide

Pokemon Top 4


After her every 8 Order of the Johto League and you have received, depending on the edition Lugia and Ho-oh defeating trapped /, you can face on the way to make the Top 4 challenge!

The rocky road to Indigo Plateau:

Before you focus on the rocky path towards Indigo Plateau begebt you should you need good vorbereiten.Ihr Pokémon, the cascade, surfers and strength are also beherschen.Optional destroyer and hot tub, so that you collect all items on the route and the Victory Road on the way . 
First, you need to surf from the east of New Bark Town to their land are now on Route seht.Ihr 27.Von there, you enter the cave where you must use cascade. If it comes out of the cave you can see the first coach of many. The level of the Pokemon here are between level 30 and 36 After you've fought through the route you stand at the end of Route 27 in front of a house, by giving your Pokemon are healed könnt.Geht let her continue her north on Route 26 on the very few coaches in the end you warten.Am Route 26 in front of her stands a building that represented the gateway to the Indigo Plateau soll.Vor you is only the Victory Road, which you should present no major problems, since they are very one-sided victories ist.Am end of the road you can expect your Rivale.Ihn you should beat her fairly easily if a nicely balanced team habt.Seine Pokemon are between levels 35-40.Habt defeating him, you leave the cave and you stand in front of a huge great building. The Indigo platform also called "The Pokemon League "!


Before you challenge the Top4 you should your main Pokemon who will fight for you to at least level 40 so you have a good chance your Pokemon habt.Am their best attacks of different types of example and not bring in 4 fire attacks. Buys you a lot of money with your top recovery, top-Potion, Hyper healer revitilisers and Goldenrod City there are very good to buy TMs personally commend you for little Geld.Ich best against wild Pokemon in the Victory Road kämpfen.Viele of them have 4x weaknesses to water and plant attacks (Rihorn, Onix, Georock) which easily defeated with one blow, and give very good experience.

Team Tips:

I will be here any concrete tips geben.Die team select a team sein.Aber up to you here a list of Pokemon that I can recommend you:

Elektro: Blitza,Raikou,Magneton,Zapdos,Ampharos,Lanturn
Wasser: Quappo,Garados,Morlord,Lanturn
Flug: Dodri,Tauboss,Iksbat
Psycho: Simsala,Psiana,Hypno,Rossana
Eis: Keifel,Garados, Rossana,Arktos,Snibunna
Unlicht: Despotar,Kramshef,Snibunna
Feuer: Hundemon,Lavados,Vulnona,Arkanie
Pflanze: Sarzenia,Giflor,Papunga,Blubella

The passage I Top4:

The first coach of the Top 4 is in the way you Willie.Er is a professional in dealing with the types of Pokemon Psycho.Er uses the following Pokemon:

Xatu lv.40, lv.41 Exeggutor, Rossana lv.41, Slowbro lv.41, lv.42 Xatu

Looking at the team falls on the following: 
* All of his Pokemon master the psychological attacks "psychokinesis" 
* All type of psycho- , all have, however, another type (dual type) psychokinesis is a very strong psychological attack and since have mastered all his Pokemon psychokinesis should send her best not to fight and psycho Pokemon in this fight. However, you should the second type of each of his Pokemon ausnutzen.Die two Xatus should pose no problem, because their defense is very poor ist.Bevor Lahmuss unstoppable and is pumped up with amnesia and curse her out of the way quickly should it räumen.Bei Exeggutor it is best to use air-or fire attacks and should at Rossana her a Use fire Pokemon and if necessary, if it uses the kiss of death, use Healer hyper or resume.

Now comes the second challenge: Koga, master of the poison, you can expect bereits.Sein team is as follows:

ARIADOS lv.40, lv.41 Omot, FORRETRESS lv.43, lv.42 MUK, CROBAT lv.44

When we watch his team fall to the following: 
* His Pokemon use status Mutating attacks 
* His Pokemon are in comparison to Willies Pokemon pretty weak 
* A steel Pokemon defeated him already single-handedly Koga works very much with status changing attacks zBToxin like, Supersonic, Giftspritzen.Deshalb it would appropriate here to have this many hyper healer or a steel Pokemon in the battle to send, since steel is immune to poison. When once his team see Staring straight times it could be noted that it is 3 benutzt.Käferpokemon Beetle Pokemon are generally weak except for a few Ausnahmen.Feuerattacken would be ideal here! If you send a steel Pokemon into battle, this struggle is one Kinderspiel.Das steel Pokemon does more damage than it needs to plug in at all and will not poison attacks against betroffen.Sowohl ARIADOS and I recommend against Omot fire and Flugattacken.Gegen FORRETRESS strong enough one special attack where I put my heart and throw flames kann.Gegen MUK best use ground attacks against CROBAT and rich electrical and Eisattacken à Thunderbolt or Ice Beam. Bruno enemy number 3 is the champion of training Kampfpokemon.Sein team looks as follows: HITMONTOP lv.42, lv.42 Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan lv.42, lv.43 Onix, Machamp lv.46 falls If we look at his team to us the following: * It uses almost only physical attacks * 4 / 5 Pokemon his team are pure fighting types What you notice when watching the team is that he have used only physical attacks (except for fire breath). Pokemon a solid defense and good handing you should here be gold value. Each of his Kapfpokemon is a pure battle type ! Which is very important because an airport or psycho Pokemon's enough to bring back all besiegen.Ein flight to Pokemon as Pidgeot, or DODRIO CROBAT or a psychological or Simsala Psiana Pokemon as you should enormously helfen.Gegen Onix simple water-or vegetable-rich attacks also suffice. In the next room waiting for you the only woman in the Quartet of Top 4: Melanie Unlichtdame.Ihr the team is as follows: Umbreon lv.42, lv.42 Vileplume, Gengar lv.45, lv.44 MURKROW, Houndoom lv.47 Looking on his team falls on the following: * Although her ​​team to turn around Unlicht Pokemon has only 3 Unlicht Pokemon in their team * The attacks of their Pokemon are not just the yellow of the egg itself, they said you have to type the Pokemon Unlicht specialized, although she is only 3 Unlicht hat.Das Pokemon on their team that you have to work out any unnecessary battle Pokemon but you can use again the dual type of weakness. The attacks of their Pokemon can be very desirable to make übrig.Groll Gengar and pickers in MURKROW very little Sinn.Genau this you can progress to the benefit and make a run Boostangrifft! Sets Umbreon against strong attacks such as Focus Blast ein.Gegen Vileplume sets her flight and her fire attacks ein.Gegen Gengar is best to use with strong Haudraufattacken. Against MURKROW uses its electric or Eisattacken Completely restructured and Houndoom against attacks from rich water. Now there is only one coach stands between you and the entry into the Hall of Fame: Siegfried, the dragon Pokemon einsetzt.Hier with fondness his team lv.46 Gyarados, Dragonite lv.49, lv.49 Dragonite, Aerodactyl lv.48, lv.48 Charizard, Dragonite lv.50 What you notice when you look at the team's Champs: * It is not a pure dragon team used * 5 His Pokemon have a glaring weakness 4x * The weaknesses of his Pokemon are often used just 3 of Siegfried's Pokemon Pokemon are the types Drachen.Die others look as though dragons are but one other Pokemon Typen.Die types you see in the above table. Although Siegfried uses strong and cool Pokemon but HATB 4 of his Pokemon 4x weak to make werden.Dragoran not optimally covered electric attacks like thunder, lightning and thunder, and the hard life of the three Dragonite logically have all the same weakness nähmlich Eisattacken have à Ice Beam and Charizard both Blizzard.Aerodactyl and one electric, rock and Wasserschwäche.Die weaknesses of his Pokemon should be used very often and a lot of good TMs like thunder or blizzard you can watch in Goldenrod City shopping center kaufen.Dieser not fight that hard. Now you have overcome the hurdle of the Top 4 and you can succeed in the Hall of Fame to register. The Top4 passage II: Since you are all eight medals from the Kanto region in your've owning her will notice when challenging the league a bit: the Pokemon of the Top 4 are at a much higher level and they have also added new Pokemon in their team . What else makes the "new" Top4 is, is that all members now have six Pokemon. Willie is still the first and has strengthened his team ordenlich: Bronzong lv.58, Rossana lv.60, lv.59 Groink, Slowbro lv .60, Guardevoi lv.61, lv.62 Xatu When you look at his team fall to the following: * Team reinforced very well if you look at Willie's new team, you realize immediately that he was very well reinforced hat.Er are 2 new Pokemon geholt.Guardevoir Groink and monotypes are both so well it now or even in part on beetles, mind-set and should Unlichtattacken. Because it's now possible to Kanto you can also get very good Unlicht like Pokemon Houndoom HONCHKROW Bronzong or Despotar.Gegen you should proceed with fire attacks the same goes for Rossana.Gegen Groink and Guardevoir should you inserting your Unlicht pokemon but beware of Focus Blast Guardevoir auf.Gegen Xatu and Slowbro help on Eletroattacken. Koga, the master of the poison has also greatly enhanced: Skuntank lv.61, lv.63 Omot, Toxicroak lv.60, lv.62 MUK, swallowing interactions lv.62, lv.64 CROBAT If we look at his team fall to the following: * Psycho immunity * 5 Pokemon have a psychological weakness Koga has learned to be an additional and poison Pokemon dazugeholt.Skuntank immunity with a psycho! Skuntank It has only one floor weakness and it can Explosion.Man it should quickly clear away before it explodes into the air and cause considerable damage can. However, Koga has 5 Pokemon with a psychological weakness! Simsala An example here gives all Pokemon up to Skuntank with psychokinesis weg.Gegen Skuntank then you have to stop with a ground attack ran.Ich recommend the earthquake attack. The Strong Bruno has also been reinforced to some extent . His team looks like this: HITMONTOP lv.62, lv.61 Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan lv.61, lv.62 Hariyama, Lucario lv.64, lv.64 Machamp is in his new team on the following: * Pure Combat Team * Very strong Flight / psychological weakness , if you look at Bruno's new team, you realize that actually does not really have much fight him getan.Bruno only Pokemon team, which he so is pretty much the lightest member of the Top 4. A flight à DODRIO Pokemon, Pidgeot or CROBAT or Psycho Pokemon as Simsala / Psiana gives ~ 85% of the team weg.Einzig Lucario machen.Am problems could best throw her a strong flame used by a Pokemon like Arcanine or Houndoom. Probably the biggest change team has seen Melanie gemacht.Ihr team now as follows: Weavile lv.62, lv.62 Kryppuk, Absol lv.62 HONCHKROW lv.64, lv.64 Umbreon, Houndoom lv.63 When looking at the exact team we notice the following: * Team consists of only Unlichtpokemon * 4 of your Pokemon can Erstschlagattacken What strikes one immediately is that all of their Pokemon Unlichtpokemon sind.Jetzt now it makes sense as a struggle Pokemon Machamp or Heracross to carry with you. haben.Man also have 4 of their Pokemon attacks a Erschlagsgarantie should ensure that a Pokemon with a resistance to Unlicht Fight them to greater harm zuvermeiden.Snibunna, Absol, Houndoom and Umbreon can fight a strong attack like aperture or focus shock and oppose anything against electric attacks should HONCHKROW reichen.Aber Kryppuk many a coach could be a headache, it has no weaknesses. . It is best to be a strong attack à hydro pump, fire storm or Blizzard against Kryppuk The Champ, Siegfried has his team with mighty dragons verstärkt.Sein team you see in the following table: Salamence lv.72, lv.68 Gyarados, Knackrack lv.72, lv.73 Altaria, Charizard lv.68, lv.75 Dragonite If you look at the team you notice the following: * Strong Pokemon with strong attacks his * Each Pokemon has a 4x weakness Siegfried has his team with a very strong Pokemon verstärkt.Aber to pay attention to one thing he has ever forget again. Each of his Pokemon has a 4x weakness! You should have brought strong memories from Goldenrod City's Pokemon and teach it because this struggle is worth it. Gyarados is a strong electric attack besiegt.Knackrack, Salamence, Altaria and Dragoni with Ice Beam or Blizzard should make no problems and Charizard have the choice between water, electric or rock attacks! If you defeat him you have defeated the Top4 endgültigt now and can call itself champion of the Pokemon League.

Credits from : einpullerer/EPvP


Cabal Online System Requirements, Free Download and Register

Cabal Online (Ph)

How to Download, Free Download, HERE: 

Cabal Online System Requirements

System Specification

Type                             Minimum Specification   Recommended Specification
C.P.U.                         Pentium 3 800Mhz+    Pentium 4 1.4Ghz+ R.A.M. :512Mb+ 1Gb+
Graphics                      3D Accelerator            Radeon 9800Pro+ / GeForce 6600GT+
Sound                                      Any DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
Hard disk                                                            2.5Gb

Cabal Online Register Link Register Here |Cabal Online Site: http://www.cabalonline.com


Latest, Updated Cabal Online Hacks, Cheats, Bots and Exploits

Latest, Updated Cabal Online Hacks, Cheats, Bots and Exploits

UPDATED: 12-02-2011

Cabal Online Bypass

How to use:
1. Extract the archive to 'Cabal Helix' folder and overwrite everything
2. Run it via 'Bypass.exe'

How to -> Enable Effect:
Ctrl + Shit + Alt + 1 = Set Max SP up to 25000
Ctrl + Shit + Alt + 2 = Set ChangeKitStyle to Normal/Max
Ctrl + Shit + Alt + 3 = NonClient Virtual Hack Test On/Off
Ctrl + Shit + Alt + 4 = Enable dance cooltime
Ctrl + Shit + Alt + 5 = Enable/Disable "I hate death" mode
Ctrl + Shit + Alt + 6 = Enable/Disable Potion Cooltime
Ctrl + Shit + Alt + 7 = Enable/Disable display GPS
Ctrl + Shit + Alt + 8 = Enable/Disable Attackmode to ignore obstacle
Ctrl + Shit + Alt + 9 = Enable/Disable display ANIMATION-time to chatbox
Ctrl + Shit + Alt + 0 = Enable/Disable PK in Village/Town
Ctrl + Shit + Alt + - = Enable/Disable Item Limit

Ctrl + Shit + Alt + Insert = Speed Hack (Max 10)
Ctrl + Shit + Alt + Home = No Cooldown Hack
Ctrl + Shit + Alt + Numpad + = Attack Reach Hack (Max 15)
Ctrl + Shit + Alt + Numpad * = AOE (Area Of Effect) Hack

How to -> Disable Effect:
Ctrl + Shit + Alt + Delete = Disable Speed Hack
Ctrl + Shit + Alt + End = Disable No Cooldown Hack
Ctrl + Shit + Alt + Numpad - = Disable Attack Reach Hack
Ctrl + Shit + Alt + Numpad / = Disable AOE (Area Of Effect) Hack

Download: Cabal_Helix_-_12-02-2011.rar


Cabal Online (PH) Hacks

Important sticky threads from EPvP/Cabal Online that you may not want to loose

Cabal Online

 CabalRider [Latest Versions]

CabalRider Euro (30.11.2011) :


CabalRider Philippines (3.12.2011) Detected :


CabalRider Singapore / Malaysia (03.12.2011) :


CabalRider Germany (09.10.2011) :


CabalRider Brazil:

No download available

Cabalrider won't work for you or you get a white bot panel? Try this:

Delete the folder: C:\Program Files\Common Files\INCA Shared
Delete all files in: C:\Windows\Prefetch
Delete all files in: GameGuard Folder (in your Game-directory)
Delete the folder "CabalRider" in: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\
Delete all CR files
Run CCleaner to clean your registry
Restart your PC
Download and install a fresh copy of CR
Start CR with Administrator rights

Credits From: Acid/EPvP

Cabal Online

 [Release] Unpacked EU Cabalmain Executables

The currently used packer is: Modified yoda's Crypter + ASProtect

Some protection options:

+ Stolen OEP
+ API redirection/emulation


+ Executable - version

~ 12/11/2011 ~

+ Executable - version
Attached Files
unpacked_cabalmain_1.0.0.1390.rar (1.77 MB, 1251 views)
unpacked_cabalmain_1.0.0.1404.rar (1.81 MB, 143 views)

Please always scan the files you are downloading with Virus Total

Credits From: HellSpider/EPvP

Cabal Online 

Packet Logger

Explanation by author:

"This little tool will log all packets sent/received (using SharpPCap) on the ports specified in Config.ini. I was inspired to write my own packet logger when Phiber told me about the one Elite Kingdoms use, but it wasn't until Hellspider mentioned wanting to write his own that I decided to get off my ass and actually write one. I just had to beat him to it :P Anyways, this isn't detected by GameGuard, so no worries there. Also, you'll need to run this before you login, so it can catch the very first packet that's sent by CABAL (contains part of the encryption key). Check Config.ini for info on how to configure this."


A brain.
.Net Framework 4.0 to run.
Visual Studio 2010 to build.

Screen Shots:

And here are the downloads:

Tuesday, 27th July 2010
Fixed decryption issues with some packets.
Added prebuild event to copy Config.ini to output dir if not exists

Sunday, 25th July 2010


Crdits From:  Yamachi/EPvP

Cabal Online

[Tool]Search Engine-MHS 6.1

Guide on how to use it.

"This is a video tutorial which shows how to use MHS,in this example the CE tutorial was finished using MHS only"

"This is a tut on how to find multi level pointers "

Tip on how to get it undetected[CAN LEAD TO BSOD]
First of all try this at ur own risk ,im not risponsible for ur BSOD's ,here we go.
Open MHS ,go to options,AAC settings,turn them on,now modify the possition of the knobs till you get an undetected formula,if you turn them to high it can lead to BSOD,it takes time but if u get the undetected formula you can use MHS on Official servers without problems..

~Download Links~ L. Spiro's Memory Hacking Software

Credits From: PunkS7yle/EPvP

*Note: All Hacks are the Latest and Updated
*Status: All Working
*credits from EPvP and game-professionals


molten wow armory

You can easily Search now for your needed molten wow armory at this site we provided http://armory.molten-wow.com/

not only molten wow armory you can also search for your needed information's about

Info and

"Database. Items. Weapons · One-Handed Axes · Two-Handed Axes · Bows · Guns · One-Handed Maces · Two-Handed Maces · Polearms · One-Handed Swords..."


wow hacks

World of Warcraft (WoW, wow)


"WoWExt: Rare - locate hidden treasures

Now that I have a few weeks of inactivity (yes, the only reason why were your PM is not answered !), is promised the Rare-tracker from the then WoWExt project. The tracker really just the same functions includes, as then, only minor features. So it is no longer necessary to save the settings independently or in WoW after changing the settings. ReloadEvery enter this part is now done automatically for all the open WoW instances. enter the option's own Rare objects can be planned as before . Oh, the morph hack is also back in there, but allows you to change only your model. . Ingame simply morph and give the ID of the desired models, eg morph 1234 -. This feature is client-side. Do you have an active goal, and give only. Morph one, you assume the model of your target. The 'bot' to their own flag in WSG or in the Twin Peaks return is also available again. The old list of donations of WoWExt hacks still under the tab "About" can be viewed. FAQ

If the camel figures traced in Uldum?

you should, yes. The flag is not on a battlefield brought back fast enough, what can I do? Move it. This makes the tracking features of WoW called almost instantly and therefore often tries to bring back the flag. What all is being tracked? boxes, all rare NPCs, etc.

WoW build only 15 005. WoW Error from other versions are undesirable. Should appear in the correct WoW version error please let me know, my time for testing was unfortunately limited. Have fun.

WoWExt Rare Rev4.zip(763.1 KB, 77 views)
Please always scan the files you are downloading with VirusTotal"

"WoWExt:Rare - Verborgene Schätze aufspüren

Nachdem ich nun einige Wochen inaktiv war (ja, nur deshalb wurden eure PM's nicht beantwortet !), ist hier versprochen der Rare-Tracker aus dem damaligen WoWExt Projekt.

Der Tracker beinhaltet eigentlich nur die gleichen Funktionen wie damals, lediglich Kleinigkeiten wurden verbessert. So ist es nicht mehr nötig, die Einstellungen selbstständig zu speichern oder in WoW nach dem Ändern der Einstellungen .reload einzugeben, dieser Teil wird nun automatisch für alle offenen WoW Instanzen erledigt.

Die Möglichkeit eigene Rar-Objekte eintragen zu können ist nach wie vor geplant.

Oh, der Morph Hack ist natürlich auch wieder drin, erlaubt euch aber nur euer Model zu ändern. Gebt ingame einfach .morph und die ID des gewünschten Models ein, z.B. .morph 1234 - Diese Funktion ist client-side. Habt ihr ein aktives Ziel und gebt nur .morph ein, übernehmt ihr das Model eures Ziels.

Der 'Bot' um die eigene Flagge im WSG oder in den Twin peaks zurückzubringen ist ebenfalls wieder vorhanden.

Die alte Spendenliste des WoWExt Hacks kann noch immer unter dem Reiter "About" eingesehen werden.

Werden die Kamelfiguren in Uldum aufgespürt?

Sie sollten, ja.

Die Flagge wird auf einem Schlachtfeld nicht schnell genug zurückgebracht, was kann ich tun?

Bewegt euch. Dadurch werden die Tracking Funktionen von WoW fast instant aufgerufen und somit auch öfter versucht die Flagge zurückzubringen.

Was wird alles aufgespürt?

Kisten, alle raren NPCs etc.

WoW Build 15005 only. WoW Error von anderen Versionen sind unerwünscht. Sollten bei der korrekten WoW Version Fehler auftauchen lasst es mich wissen, meine Zeit zum Testen war leider begrenzt.

Viel Spaß. "

WoWExt Rare Rev4.zip(763.1 KB, 77 views)
Please always scan the files you are downloading with VirusTotal"

Credits from: epvp/Cencil "http://www.elitepvpers.com/"


Grand Chase Error 72 Fail to Initialize Gamemon (Game Monster)

As described in an online game forum "Error 72 - Fail to Initialize Gamemon Solution : Grand Chase uses nProtect GameGuard as the game's anti hacking system, so it's required to..." -

Here is the final solution to whatever trouble you are encountering in your online gaming spree for grand chase (GC). Visit this forum for more information or clues on how to remedy this error 72 problem - http://forums.levelupgames.ph/index.php?/topic/11710-solutiongame-guard-error-72-or-gamemon/

Providing you hacks and cheats for GC - GrandChase online game. Good luck to you gamers out there. I hope this short note from the forum will help you on you way to play great games online.

For more tips and cheat codes or hacks, please subscribe to us using our subscription form below this post. Again, good luck! Also do watch the video below for Error 72 taken from YouTube.Com.


Dress Up Doll Games, a quick free game to play with dressing up girl Flower Elf

Here is a dress up doll game for girls. Play for free this dress up the flower elf game now. For more, please use our search box or use our sidebar on a category based search.

In order to play, please wait for 15 seconds for the advertisement to end on the center of the box and countdown. You will see the highlight "Play Game". Enjoy and have fun playing!


Fairy Town Flash Game Y3 New Game: Puzzle Game

Here is another new free new Y3 game taken from Y3.com. This is a free puzzle game you can play online. For more of these games, subscribe to us here at Facebook Games Cheats by using our subscription box below. Other game categories are available in our sidebar.


New Y3 Games from Y3.Com: Dress Up Game

Here is another new free Y3 game from Y3.Com that you can literally play for free. This one is actually a free dress up doll game that you can enjoy playing online and come back again to play with anytime you want. Just visit us here at Facebook Games Cheats or subscribe to us using our subscription box below this post.


Reppler helps Facebook users look good online


"SAN FRANCISCO - Startup Reppler launched a service Tuesday to help people shine on Facebook pages that have become resources checked by employers, college recruiters and even potential mates."


Crazy Planets - Gem Hack, Time Hack


Cheat Engine
Flash Player 9

Cheat Gem Hack

Search “00000000BECC4589″ using 8-bytes, Hex, A.S.R.M
Dissemble the address > change register at this location

by Jackal@youon9

Time Hack

Search “2A0FF20000001EB9″ using 8-bytes, Hex, A.S.R.M
Select the third address.
Change “mov ecx,0000001e” to “mov ecx,000001f4″ ( 1f4(hex) = 500 seconds)
You may have 500 seconds to attack

by 45643@youon9


Crazy Planets – Grenade Full Screen Attack


"Flash Player 9, FF / Chrome
8 bytes, A.S.R.M, Hex
movsd xmm1, [eax +40]> movsd xmm1, [eax +10]
(If too high / too have the opportunity to blow the planet but not to the other side of the planet, eg Platform City)

Update: We can try to do movsd xmm1, [eax +0 E], if not wholly devoid of crash should be able to cover

Remember to use unlimited HP hack"


Pixel Ranger Cheat - One Hit Kills

Source: FACEBOOKGAMECHEAT.BLOGSPOT.COM: "With this game cheat you can kill all monsters on the screen with one shot and gain a lot of scores!

- Shot monster once.
- Search 488B0000025A850F Hex, 8-bytes, A.S.R.M
- Right Click > Dissemble this memory region.
- Look at row below it 'call dword ptr [ecx+0c]' change to 'nop'
- Can kill all monsters on the screen with one shot.

- To gain more scores, watch video for the details.
- Find address > Tools > Auto Assemble > Change code to "c350"
- Done.



Pet Society Coin Cheat with Brush

Pet Society Game Cheats

"Pet Society Coin Cheat with Brush by Patiniox

- Firefox or Flock browser
- Cheat engine 5.5
- Adobe flash player 9.0 r124 (

This cheat will give you 2 coins every using brush to your pet. The good advantage is paw point will be not increase, useful if you won't get much attention that using cheats :D
You may need axife mouse recorder or other macro program to record mouse movement so you can leave it all night long.
First buy an apple or anything, than use brush on your pet once, then search 8 bytes, A.S.R.M, Hex. Input value 110FF2D045590FF2, put the result on the generator. Search again with 7D8B000005B38F0F, put it again on generator then click Enviar (Generate). Copy the generated code then go to tools > auto assemble > paste code > execute > Done.

You can also use brush together with your friend, it will give you 4 coins every move.
Watch this video for the details.



Restaurant City Coin Hack


"Can get 500k in 5 Minutes!!

Download here for the cheat video and generator:

Thanks to chinkang@youon9.com."